There is a browser-only bug in the game that causes the player to not move after surviving more than around 60 seconds. If you wish to play the game in a more stable state, please download its PC build.

A rhythm-based top-down shooter where you strategize your next move to the beat of the music.


MOUSE CURSOR: Aim Direction
LEFT MOUSE BUTTON: Select (menus only)


    Survive as long as you can, destroy all the dice on the screen, and be the last die standing on the table! Every other beat, the player die will take an action. The action will be different depending on what face the die is currently on. The actions are as follows:

MOVE - the player will move in the direction of the cursor. 

SHOOT - the player will shoot in the direction of the cursor. The face will reroll, but the player will not move.

BOMB - the player will shoot in multiple directions around them. The face will reroll, but the player will not move.


Each enemy, which is based on different types of dice, has different health, speed and power levels. Avoid these enemies from running into you! 

The types are as follows:

 D4 - The fastest of the bunch, but also the weakest.

 D6 - Fast & weak, but not as bad as the d4.

 D8 - Moderate speed and strength.

 D10 - Reasonably beefy, but slower than the d8.

 D12 - Strong in damage and health, but very slow.

 D20 - The absolute slowest and biggest die, but is also VERY strong.


Ata Deniz Oktay (Programmer)
CaptDedEyes (Art & Animation)
Mason Victoria (Music & Sound)


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(Final Version, Windows) Dice of the Hill v2 26 MB
(Game Jam Version, Windows) Dice of the Hill v1 21 MB


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Mükemmel bir çalışma olmuş. Gerek grafikler, gerek mekanikler.. Ellerinize sağlık!!

Beğenmene çok sevindim!


Güzel bir hissiyat yakalanmış. Sadece zar atıldıktan sonra duraksama biraz arttırılabilir gibi duruyor. Ellerinize sağlık güzel bir çalışma olmuş


Teşekkür ederiz!


wow!nice game

Glad you liked it!